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Spotlight On The Bay E8

Spotlight On The Bay

Season 1 • Episode 8

Spotlight on Genius Wesley Group • Bill Bell Tribute S1E8

Bay Area Tribute to Bill Bell by the talented Genius Wesley Group.

"Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson
Genius Wesley Group
Genius Wesley - drums awesome young talent destined for greatness
Rodney Franklin - amazing on piano
Joe Thomas - bottom
Geechi Taylor - trumpet
Vincent Lars - sax

Bill Bell The Jazz Professor - S1E8 (teaser)

A Bay Area Tribute to Bill Bell, aka “The Jazz Professor",  a legendary jazz artist, noted choral arrangement and a director.

The “Jazz Connection Trio” remains his main performance medium. Bassist Jeff Chambers and drummer Eddie Marshall are both world renown and are major contributors to the jazz idiom. The “Trio” performs regularly at various Bay Area venues and festivals and is the driving force behind Bill’s most recent recordings “Just Swing Baby” 2005, and “The Feeling of Jazz” 2009.

Location: Oakland, CA

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The Jazz Professor on Piano

The Jazz Professor on Piano

Behind the Scenes Bill Bell Tribute

Watch exclusive behind the scenes footage for the Bay Area Tribute to Bill Bell Jazz professor.